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Thursday, March 10, 2016

Make mine grilled pleased!

So we woke up to no electricity today. Matt couldn't take it and went in to work early so he could surf the net! What a light weight, lol

As for me, I rather enjoyed the peace and quiet. We have a large aquarium in the dining room and the water filter pump is rather noisy, so when the power is lost, it is blissfully quiet. I could hear some Canada geese calling to each other as they flew over our house and a frog croaking from my little water pond on the front porch. Nice!

 We are blessed to have a cook top wood stove so no problem getting water heated up for Matt's coffee and my tea this morning. As you can see, I "toasted" grilled my bagel old timer's style in a cast iron fry pan. Kinda like camping but without the dirt, bugs, and weather.

 Because I wasn't glued to a computer screen, I actually was in my kitchen when i spied a herd of elk out in the field behind our property. They bedded down last night just on the other side of our fence. Apparently my dogs are no threat to them, lol When I went out to wood shed to get more wood, they were not alarmed. They did get up and slowly walk away, starting their day too, I guess. lol We are so lucky to live in the "country" but yet, only minutes from town and services.

The girls (Pepper and Millie) enjoyed a brief moment of sunshine while taking their morning naps. Life is so tough!

Finally the power came back on, so had to reset all the digital clocks. If we didn't need the refrigeration going, I wouldn't mind the respite from the power grid. But, like most folks now a days, here I am, back on my computer and internet. And listening to the noisy aquarium filter again.

Email, Facebook, and news, what would we do without them?

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