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Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Microwaved Tortilla Chips

Watching TV and want a quick snack? Want chips? Here ya go!

Fresh, homemade, crispy, and flavored tortilla chips how You like them in two to three minutes cooking time and no deep fat frying!

Pictured are tortilla chips I made from packaged yellow corn tortillas, olive oil, salt (my secret ingredient is butter flavored popcorn salt) and spices (red pepper flakes with minced garlic, and a sprinkling of Italian herbs).

What you need:

Corn tortillas found in your local grocery store. For portion control, each tortilla is 100 calories. I do two tortillas normally.

Oil of your choice: I use either peanut oil or in this batch, extra virgin olive oil

Salt of choice: I used popcorn salt, it is already ground super fine and has butter flavor added to it. Of course, any type of salt can be used. See selection below for ideas.

Added spices of your choice or just make them with oil and salt for standard chips.

The procedure: In a small dish, pour in a small amount of oil, a tablespoon is probably plenty. Add to your oil, your salt and spices of choice.
Liberally brush your oil mix over the tops of your tortillas, cut into wedges and place single layer onto your microwave carousal plate.

Place into your microwave and micro at high two minutes. Watch your chips as once they start to brown, they are done! If you check your chips and they are still not starting to brown and limp, then micro a bit longer till they are crispy and slightly brown. Hint: As the moisture is released from your chips, you might want to open up your micro and wipe down the interior to help them get crispy.

So many flavor choices, Ranch, Bacon Cheddar, Parmesan, Nacho, or just use what you got in your cupboard like i did. 

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