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Thursday, October 6, 2022

Pearls of Wisdom


I’ve been on this earth since mid 20th Century so I’ve learned a thing or two. One important thing I have learned is Not to Diet! I hate to think of all the “diets” that I have tried and failed at like most people! Why? Because I hate being told No! No, You can’t have that (fill in the evil food here). 
  After I had to have my gallbladder removed, I was told to eat minimal fat for at least two weeks while recovering from surgery. Non compliance would probably result in some very uncomfortable results. The gallbladder regulates fat being filtered out by the liver in incremental amounts to the intestines for elimination. Without that gateway, fat is dumped directly and can cause gas, bloating, pain, and diarrhea. “Humming the Pepto Bismol tune, lol.” Not fun! 

  So like a good trooper, I immediately dropped all meats and dairy, and mostly turned to a vegetarian diet. I did keep chicken eggs (we have 5 hens) and fish in my diet. Amazingly, I dropped 30 pounds and have stayed within five pounds ever since. Fast forward to 2022. So what have I learned? The age old adage that “Diets” don’t  work. They all have good components but human beings will fight change tooth and nail, so eventually will “fail”. Which of course starts the YoYo syndrome and can continue for years or even a lifetime. So how to stop that vicious cycle of self destruction? 

  For me it took a life changing event but you know, it was actually easy! Like most things in life, I just had to make up my mind to change what I eat. Rather than tell myself No, I now look forward to what I am I am going to consume today. It can as little as 1 baby carrot, but that’s a victory! Speaking of baby carrots, I am guilty of not eating them regularly and was throwing out packages of old dried carrots that I just didn’t get around to eating 🫣. 

So, now I have a mason jar full of fresh baby carrots 🥕 on the top shelf of the fridge center stage and the first thing I see when I open the door. Easy to grab and just by eating one carrot, I can claim victory! That is how Not to Diet! 


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